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Buying Property Safely in Costa Rica

Because of the law here, and the way that property is bought and sold, it is imperative that you have trust and confidence in your realtor, and by extension, anyone else that is involved in your purchase.

There are a number of ways that a buyer can be defrauded.  These include:

  • Buying property that has not been titled properly
  • Buying property that does not have a clear title
  • Buying property that is not owned by the seller
  • Involving yourself with an unscrupulous attorney (notario) who can do serious harm.

Sadly, there are many stories about how people have been cheated when buying land or property on Costa Rica.  It is a sad truth.

However, we are proud to have our own security group headed by Johnnie Chaverri who served for years as the Director of National Security for Costa Rica.

Each transaction in which we are involved is overseen by Johnnie.  We make sure YOUR attorney is aboveboard and honest.  We protect you and make your buying experience worry free.

So you find the perfect home.  Now what?  You must decide to either pay cash for your dream or to finance it.  The problem is that there almost no banks in the USA or Canada that will give you a mortgage on Costa Rica property.

We at Casa Bruno have the solution.  Just read this page for some great ideas!


Are you confused about Hectares? Kilometers?  Still think a manzana is an apple?  Then take a peek at our conversion chart!

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