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Contacting Casa Bruno Real Estate

By phone:

Toll Free from the USA or Canada:1-866-460-7214
Direct Dial World Wide+ (506) 2280 5217
Cell Phone+ (506) 8385 4225
Fax+ (506) 2280 5120

A note about phone numbers!

The "+506" you see means that 506 is a COUNTRY CODE and not an area code.  This means that from wherever you are, you must dial FIRST your international access code.  In the US and Canada, this is 011 and is different in all other countries.

By E-mail :  

By Regular Mail

Mailing Address USA
SJO 5171  Box 025331
Miami, Fl 33102-533

Our Physical Address Costa Rica

Costa Rica Address:
Main Ave. 550 E Cruce Guadalupe-Moravia
P.O. Box. 297-2100
Guadalupe, San Josť, Costa Rica

We are always reachable no matter where your are.

Visitors from the USA or Canada can call us toll free to discuss their needs.

At the right are our snail mail, email, and street addresses for both Costa Rica and the USA.

Were are here when you need us!









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